Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Troglodytidae (Wrens)  
Genus: Cinnycerthia (2 species, 4 worldwide)

Sepia-brown Wren
Sepia-brown Wren (Cinnycerthia olivascens) Immature
Rio Blanco Ecological Reserve, Manizales, Caldas, Colombia
  Immature Sepia-brown Wrens, unlike humans, have grey heads.

Sepia-brown Wren
Sepia-brown Wren (Cinnycerthia olivascens olivascens)
ProAves Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen de Atrato, Choco, Colombia
  Often called Sharp's Wren. Some birds have a white forehead.

Rufous Wren
Rufous Wren (Cinnycerthia unirufa)
Chingaza National Park, Colombia
  Other races are more uniformly colored; these have lighter colored heads.

Usually seen in small groups.

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