Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Thraupidae (Tanagers and allies)  
Genus: Hemispingus (6 species, 15 worldwide)

Black-capped Hemispingus
Black-capped Hemispingus (Hemispingus atropileus)
Rio Blanco Ecological Reserve, Manizales, Caldas, Colombia  

Usually travels in small groups.

Oleaginous Hemispingus
Oleaginous Hemispingus (Hemispingus frontalis frontalis)
Juntas, Ibague, Colombia
  Oleaginous means oily. The male is uniformly colored, and looks like it could be a female.

Black-eared Hemispingus
Black-eared Hemispingus (Hemispingus melanotis melanotis)
Rio Blanco Ecological Reserve, Manizales, Caldas, Colombia  

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Western Hemispingus (Hemispingus ochraceus)

Split from the Black-eared Hemispingus.

Superciliaried Hemispingus
Superciliaried Hemispingus (Hemispingus superciliaris)
PNN Los Nevados, Colombia
  A thin white brow (and tanager vs. warbler characteristics) differentiates from Citrine Warbler. Rare. Generally seen around 3000m.

Black-headed Hemispingus
Black-headed Hemispingus (Hemispingus verticalis)
PNN Los Nevados, Colombia  

Uncommon. Searches for food on top of leaves. Generally seen around 3000m.

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