Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Hirundinidae (Swallows, Martins)  
Genus: Progne (4 species, 9 worldwide)

Grey-breasted Martin
Grey-breasted Martin (Progne chalybea chalybea)
Rio Claro Canyon Reserve, Colombia  

Martins are large swallows.

Southern Martin
Southern Martin (Progne elegans)
Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia  

Austral migrant to west Amazon from April to October. Looks very similar to northern hemisphere Purple Martin. Seen in groups of hundreds if not thousands.

Purple Martin
Purple Martin (Progne subis) Male
  A swallow-sized martin.
Photograph by JJ Cadiz, Cajay     Copyright and usage info

Purple Martin
Purple Martin (Progne subis subis) Immature
Florida City, Florida,
  A female or immature.

Brown-chested Martin
Brown-chested Martin (Progne tapera fusca)
Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil  

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