Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Furnariidae (Ovenbirds)  
Genus: Cranioleuca (7 species, 20 worldwide)

Ash-browed Spinetail
Ash-browed Spinetail (Cranioleuca curtata debilis) Vulnerable
Manu, Peru  
Photograph by Bruno Conjeaud   © All Rights Reserved.

Found at mid-range altitudes, usually in canopy or sub-canopy, usually with mixed flocks ({Athanas}).

Red-faced Spinetail
Red-faced Spinetail (Cranioleuca erythrops)
ProAves Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen de Atrato, Choco, Colombia  

Speckled Spinetail
Speckled Spinetail (Cranioleuca gutturata)
Photograph by Joao Quental     Copyright and usage info

Streak-capped Spinetail
Streak-capped Spinetail (Cranioleuca hellmayri) ENDEMIC
Santa Marta Sierra Nevada, Colombia  

Alt. photo.

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Crested Spinetail (Cranioleuca subcristata)

Parker's Spinetail
Parker's Spinetail (Cranioleuca vulpecula)
Photograph by David Ascanio -   © All Rights Reserved.

Rusty-backed Spinetail
Rusty-backed Spinetail (Cranioleuca vulpina)
Hato Aurora, Casanare, Colombia  

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