Birds of Colombia

    PSITTACIFORMES: Psittacidae (African & New World Parrots)  
Genus: Forpus (6 species, 9 worldwide)

Forpus is a genus of sparrow-sized (around 13 cm.) green parrots, called Parrotlets

Pacific Parrotlet
Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis) Male
Photograph by Brayan Coral Jaramillo   © All Rights Reserved.

Spectacled Parrotlet
Spectacled Parrotlet (Forpus conspicillatus caucae) Male and Female

A male with full bill.

Large-billed Parrotlet
Large-billed Parrotlet (Forpus crassirostris) Male
Puerto NariƱo, Amazonas, Colombia
  Once grouped with the [Blue-winged Parrotlet]. The large bill is hard to see.

Dusky-billed Parrotlet
Dusky-billed Parrotlet (Forpus modestus sclateri)
Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Mato Grosso, Brazil  
Photograph by Tropical Birding (Nick Athanas)   © All Rights Reserved.

Green-rumped Parrotlet
Green-rumped Parrotlet (Forpus passerinus passerinus) Male
French Guiana  
Photograph by Michel GIRAUD-AUDINE   © All Rights Reserved.

Green-rumped Parrotlet
Green-rumped Parrotlet (Forpus passerinus cyanophanes) Female
Los Flamencos Wildlife Sanctuary, Camarones, La Guajira, Colombia  

Male has some blue in the wings.
Additional photo.

No Image
Turquoise-winged Parrotlet (Forpus spengeli) ENDEMIC

Split from the [Blue-winged Parrotlet].

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