Birds of Colombia

    GALLIFORMES: Cracidae (Chachalacas, Curassows, Guans)  
Genus: Mitu (3 species, 4 worldwide)

Mitu is one of two genus of Curassow, the largest 'gamebird' in tropical America (80 cm.). Mitu curassow do not have knobbed bills, but some have a horn extending above the bill. Curassows move at all levels of the forest, eating insects and fruit.

Salvin's Curassow
Salvin's Curassow (Mitu salvini)
Reserva Natural La Isla Escondida, Orito, Putumayo, Colombia  

Unlike many species of curassow, the male and female Salvin's Curassow are virtually identical.

Crestless Curassow
Crestless Curassow (Mitu tomentosum) Near Threatened
Photograph by David Ascanio -   © All Rights Reserved.

Razor-billed Curassow
Razor-billed Curassow (Mitu tuberosum)

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