Birds of Colombia

    ANSERIFORMES: Anatidae (Ducks, Geese, Swans)  
Genus: Oxyura (1 species, 6 worldwide)

Genus Oxyura, Stiff-tailed Ducks are small diving ducks with a characteristic shape and stiff tails. Oxyura ducks dive for crustaceans.

Andean Duck
Andean Duck (Oxyura ferruginea) Male
Bogota, Colombia  

Andean Duck
Andean Duck (Oxyura ferruginea) Female
Bogota, Colombia  

Most closely related to the migratory North American [Ruddy Duck]. Male Andean Ducks in Colombia may have a cheek colored white, black or some combination of white and black, indicating some past hybridization.
A male with white cheek.

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