Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Troglodytidae (Wrens)  
Genus: Pheugopedius (7 species, 12 worldwide)

Coraya Wren
Coraya Wren (Pheugopedius coraya caurensis)
Photograph by David Ascanio -   © All Rights Reserved.

Plain-tailed Wren
Plain-tailed Wren (Pheugopedius euophrys)
Reserva Geobotánica Pululahua, Pichincha province, Ecuador  
Photograph by Tropical Birding (Nick Athanas)   © All Rights Reserved.

Black-bellied Wren
Black-bellied Wren (Pheugopedius fasciatoventris)
Metropolitan Park, Panama City, Panama  

Whiskered Wren
Whiskered Wren (Pheugopedius mystacalis)
Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia
  Very difficult to see.

From front.

Rufous-breasted Wren
Rufous-breasted Wren (Pheugopedius rutilus hyperythrus)
Metropolitan Park, Panama City, Panama  

Speckle-breasted Wren
Speckle-breasted Wren (Pheugopedius sclateri paucimaculatus)
Ayampe, ManabĂ­, Ecuador  
Photograph by Graham Montgomery   © All Rights Reserved.

Sooty-headed Wren
Sooty-headed Wren (Pheugopedius spadix)
ProAves Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen de Atrato, Choco, Colombia  

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