Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Tityridae (Tityras, Becards, Sharpbill)  
Genus: Schiffornis (5 species, 7 worldwide)

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Foothill Schiffornis (Schiffornis aenea) Rare/Accidental

Found in marshy sections of foothill forest.

Varzea Schiffornis
Varzea Schiffornis (Schiffornis major)
Inírida, Guainía, Colombia  
Photograph by Tom Friedel   © All Rights Reserved.

Varzea Schiffornis
Varzea Schiffornis (Schiffornis major major)
Puerto Nariño, Amazonas, Colombia
  Looks a bit like a Cinnamon Attila, but colors are different shades.
Photograph by Tom Friedel   © All Rights Reserved.

Found close to ground in varzea and flooded forest habitat, often in pairs. May have grey head, grey around eye, or be totally one color.

Russet-winged Schiffornis
Russet-winged Schiffornis (Schiffornis stenorhyncha panamensis)
Soberania National Park, Panama  
Photograph by Richard et Diane   © All Rights Reserved.

Brown-winged Schiffornis
Brown-winged Schiffornis (Schiffornis turdina amazonum)
Manacapuru, Amazonas, Brazil  
Photograph by Hector Bottai     Copyright and usage info

Northern Schiffornis
Northern Schiffornis (Schiffornis veraepacis veraepacis)
Petén, Guatemala.  
Photograph by Jorge Dangel   © All Rights Reserved.

A nondescript brown bird found in the understory of healthy tropical forest.

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