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    GRUIFORMES: Rallidae (Rails, Crakes & Coots)  
Genus: Rallus (14 species)

Ecuadorian Rail
Ecuadorian Rail (Rallus aequatorialis)
Range: SA: sw Colombia to sw Peru
Photograph by George Cruz (San Jorge Eco-Lodges)   © All Rights Reserved.

Formerly considered a race of the [Virginia Rail].

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Austral Rail (Rallus antarcticus) Vulnerable
Range: SA: s Chile and s Argentina

Water Rail
Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus aquaticus)
Range: EU: w Europe to c Asia
Loch of Kinnordy, Angus, Scotland  
Photograph by Rainbirder (Steve Garvie)     Copyright and usage info

African Rail
African Rail (Rallus caerulescens)
Range: AF: e, sc, se, s
Marievale Nature Reserve, Gauteng, South Africa  
Photograph by Derek Keats     Copyright and usage info

Clapper Rail
Clapper Rail (Rallus crepitans)
Range: NA, MA: e coast of US to Caribbean and coastal Belize:
Florida, United States  
Photograph by Danny Bales   © All Rights Reserved.

King Rail
King Rail (Rallus elegans elegans) Near Threatened
Range: NA, MA: e, c
Lagow Ranch , Chambers County, Texas, United States  
Photograph by Alan Schmierer   Image has been placed in the Public Domain.

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Brown-cheeked Rail (Rallus indicus)
Range: EU: e Siberia to Japan

Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail (Rallus limicola limicola)
Range: NA: widespread
Photograph by Tom Friedel   © All Rights Reserved.

Mangrove Rail
Mangrove Rail (Rallus longirostris crassirostris)
Range: MA, SA: coasts of w MA and n SA s to nw Peru:
Photograph by João Sérgio Barros F. de Souza   © All Rights Reserved.

Formerly considered a race of the [Clapper Rail]. As seen from the latin name, note longer bill.

Madagascan Rail
Madagascan Rail (Rallus madagascariensis) Vulnerable
Range: AF: Madagascar
Ranomafana, Madagascar  
Photograph by Nigel Voaden   © All Rights Reserved.

Ridgway's Rail
Ridgway's Rail (Rallus obsoletus yumanensis) Near Threatened
Range: NA, MA: sw US to Baja California:
San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico  
Photograph by Nigel Voaden   © All Rights Reserved.

Bogota Rail
Bogota Rail (Rallus semiplumbeus semiplumbeus) Endangered
Range: SA: Colombia
Sumapaz National Park, Colombia  
Photograph by Tom Friedel   © All Rights Reserved.

Looks a bit like the Europen Water Rail. Found only in the Bogota plateau up to the paramo, and endangered because of too many people.

Aztec Rail
Aztec Rail (Rallus tenuirostris) Near Threatened
Range: MA: c Mexico:
Photograph by Jose Antonio Robles   © All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes called Mexican Rail; found only in central Mexican highland marshes, and split from the [King Rail].

Plain-flanked Rail
Plain-flanked Rail (Rallus wetmorei) Endangered
Range: SA: Venezuela
Tucacas, Falcón , Venezuela  
Photograph by Margareta Wieser   © All Rights Reserved.

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