Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Tyrannidae (Tyrant Flycatchers, Calyptura)  
Genus: Pogonotriccus (4 species, 7 worldwide)

Antioquia Bristle Tyrant
Antioquia Bristle Tyrant (Pogonotriccus lanyoni) Endangered ENDEMIC
Rio Claro Canyon Reserve, Antioquia, Colombia
  Different in coloration to the otherwise similar Bristle-Tyrants.

Marble-faced Bristle Tyrant
Marble-faced Bristle Tyrant (Pogonotriccus ophthalmicus ophthalmicus)
OtĂșn Quimbaya Wildlife Sanctuary, Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia  

Similar to the [Slaty-capped Flycatcher], but smaller and yellower. The small thin all-black bill differentiates from the [Variegated Bristle Tyrant] usually seen at higher altitudes, although both species are found from around 1500 to 2500m.
From back.

Spectacled Bristle Tyrant
Spectacled Bristle Tyrant (Pogonotriccus orbitalis)
Pantiacolla Ridge, Madre de Dios, Peru  
Photograph by Graham Montgomery   © All Rights Reserved.

Variegated Bristle Tyrant
Variegated Bristle Tyrant (Pogonotriccus poecilotis)
OtĂșn Quimbaya Wildlife Sanctuary, Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia
  Note pink bill vs. all black on the [Marble-faced Bristle Tyrant].

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