Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Rhinocryptidae (Tapaculos)  
Genus: Scytalopus (16 species, 44 worldwide)

Genus Scytalopus, Tapaculos, are small black or grey insect-eating birds found in thick brush in the forest understory, and very rarely seen. Most tapaculos in this genus are so similar that they can only be identified by voice, usually a long repeating call.

Tatama Tapaculo
Tatama Tapaculo (Scytalopus alvarezlopezi) Immature ENDEMIC
ProAves Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen de Atrato, Choco, Colombia  

Northern White-crowned Tapaculo
Northern White-crowned Tapaculo (Scytalopus atratus)
ProAves Chestnut-capped Piha Reserve, AnorĂ­, Antioquia, Colombia
  White crown (really just a spot) barely visible.

A tiny bit less secretive than most tapaculos.

No Image
Paramillo Tapaculo (Scytalopus canus) Endangered ENDEMIC

Split from the [Paramo Tapaculo]. Found only near the {paramo} of Urrao.

Choco Tapaculo
Choco Tapaculo (Scytalopus chocoensis)
Farallones National Park, Colombia  

Pale-bellied Tapaculo
Pale-bellied Tapaculo (Scytalopus griseicollis griseicollis) ENDEMIC
Chingaza National Park, Colombia
  Note pale belly. As with almost all tapaculos, difficult to see well.

Brown-rumped Tapaculo
Brown-rumped Tapaculo (Scytalopus latebricola) Near Threatened ENDEMIC
Photograph by Terry S. Baltimore   © All Rights Reserved.

Found over 2000m in the Santa Marta Sierra Nevada.

Blackish Tapaculo
Blackish Tapaculo (Scytalopus latrans latrans)
San Sebastian Reserve, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia  

Commonly heard around 2000m and with a slower more bird-like call than many other tapaculos.

Long-tailed Tapaculo
Long-tailed Tapaculo (Scytalopus micropterus)
San Isidro, Ecuador  
Photograph by Francesco Veronesi     Copyright and usage info

Paramo Tapaculo
Paramo Tapaculo (Scytalopus opacus opacus)
Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia  

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Tacarcuna Tapaculo (Scytalopus panamensis) Vulnerable

Perija Tapaculo
Perija Tapaculo (Scytalopus perijanus) Vulnerable
  Typical dark grey tapaculo only identifiable by range or voice.
Photograph by Andres Cuervo     Copyright and usage info

Newly described species, found in the Perija mountain range.

Magdalena Tapaculo
Magdalena Tapaculo (Scytalopus rodriguezi yariguiorum) Endangered ENDEMIC
ProAves Cerulean Warbler Reserve, San Vicente de Chucuri, Santander, Colombia  

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Santa Marta Tapaculo (Scytalopus sanctaemartae) ENDEMIC

Found at lower altitudes, around 1500m, than the [Brown-rumped Tapaculo], Note white spot on top of head.

Spillmann's Tapaculo
Spillmann's Tapaculo (Scytalopus spillmanni)
ProAves Dusky Starfrontlet Reserve, Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia  

Note long continuous call compared to the choppy [Ash-colored Tapaculo]. May have more {rufous} on {flanks} than other species.

Stiles's Tapaculo
Stiles's Tapaculo (Scytalopus stilesi) ENDEMIC
La Romera, Itagui, Antioquia, Colombia  

Found around 1200-2400m in a few locations in the western Andes of Colombia, but common in those locations.
Side view.

Narino Tapaculo
Narino Tapaculo (Scytalopus vicinior)
ProAves Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen de Atrato, Choco, Colombia  

Narino Tapaculo
Narino Tapaculo (Scytalopus vicinior) Immature
ProAves Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen de Atrato, Choco, Colombia
  Typical coloration for an immature tapaculo.

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