Birds of Colombia

    APODIFORMES: Apodidae (Swifts)  
Genus: Streptoprocne (2 species, 5 worldwide)

Chestnut-collared Swift
Chestnut-collared Swift (Streptoprocne rutila brunnitorques)
La Romera, Itagui, Antioquia, Colombia  

A smaller swift sometimes seen with groups of [White-collared Swift]. Note chestnut collar on male.
Male on nest.

White-collared Swift
White-collared Swift (Streptoprocne zonaris subtropicalis)
La Romera, Itagui, Antioquia, Colombia
  The white collar can be seen in flight.

The largest and also the most common swift; sometimes seen very high in groups of hundreds.
Additional photo.
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