Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Tyrannidae (Tyrant Flycatchers, Calyptura)  
Genus: Sublegatus (2 species, 3 worldwide)

Northern Scrub Flycatcher
Northern Scrub Flycatcher (Sublegatus arenarum atrirostris)
Los Flamencos Wildlife Sanctuary, Camarones, La Guajira, Colombia  
Photograph by Tom Friedel   © All Rights Reserved.

Note bright yellow only on the belly. Throat and wing bars mostly white, and not yellow like many similar species (Forest Elaenia, Yellow-olive Flatbill). Head and back same color. Tail tip may be white. Bill usually black, but immatures may have flesh-colored lower mandible. Often seen at eye-level.

Amazonian Scrub Flycatcher
Amazonian Scrub Flycatcher (Sublegatus obscurior)
Pte. Figueiredo, Amazonas, Brazil  
Photograph by Hector Bottai     Copyright and usage info

Additional photo.

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