Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Turdidae (Thrushes)  
Genus: Turdus (17 species, 82 worldwide)

Genus Turdus, typical thrushes, includes medium to large species found worldwide including the American Robin and European (Common) Blackbird. Turdus thrushes have a consistent shape, and generally stay close to the ground looking for worms and other insects.

White-necked Thrush
White-necked Thrush (Turdus albicollis spodiolaemus)
Wildsumaco Lodge, Sumaco, Ecuador  

Heard more often than seen in mature tropical forests.

Dagua Thrush
Dagua Thrush (Turdus daguae)
Río Canandé reserve, Esmeraldas province, Ecuador.  
Photograph by Tropical Birding (Nick Athanas)   © All Rights Reserved.

Split from the [White-throated Thrush]

Yellow-legged Thrush
Yellow-legged Thrush (Turdus flavipes)
Serra dos Órgãos, Brazil  
Photograph by João Sérgio Barros F. de Souza   © All Rights Reserved.

Note darker head and neck than body on male. Female is brown, darker on back.

Chestnut-bellied Thrush
Chestnut-bellied Thrush (Turdus fulviventris)
Putumayo, Colombia  
Photograph by Brayan Coral Jaramillo   © All Rights Reserved.

Cocoa Thrush
Cocoa Thrush (Turdus fumigatus aquilonalis)
Asa Wright Nature Center, Trinidad  
Photograph by Tropical Birding (Nick Athanas)   © All Rights Reserved.

Great Thrush
Great Thrush (Turdus fuscater quindio) Male
San Sebastian Reserve, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia
  The male has an orange eye-ring.

Great Thrush
Great Thrush (Turdus fuscater clarus) Female
Perijá Mountains, Cesar, Colombia
  A light colored race from north Colombia and Venezeula.

A large pigeon-sized Thrush that is often very common. Colors range from creamy brown to dark grey-black across its large range.

Clay-colored Thrush
Clay-colored Thrush (Turdus grayi)
Arenal, Costa Rica  

National bird of Costa Rica. Note red eye, pale-colored bill, and uniform brown color.

Hauxwell's Thrush
Hauxwell's Thrush (Turdus hauxwelli)
Manu, Madre de Dios, Peru  
Photograph by Joao Quental     Copyright and usage info

Black-billed Thrush
Black-billed Thrush (Turdus ignobilis debilis)
Mocoa, Putumayo, Colombia
  'Debilis' Amazon lowland race. Note white throat, vent and streaks on chest.

Black-billed Thrush
Black-billed Thrush (Turdus ignobilis goodfellowi)
Tatama National Park, Pueblo Rico, Risaralda, Colombia
  Andean goodfellowi/ignobilis race, which is grouped by HBW with murinus, the Tepui race. Note lack of white throat seen in lowland races.

A large thrush that is found in lowlands, except for three races in the Colombian/Venezuelan Andes as well as the Venezuela/Guyana tepuis. In Colombia, the Andean race is common inside cities. The lowland race 'debilis' is called the Floodplain Thrush by {HBW}.
Black-billed Thrushes use a lot of mud in their nests.

Lawrence's Thrush
Lawrence's Thrush (Turdus lawrencii)
Sani Lodge, Ecuador
  Known to mimic other birds and animals (Athanas).
Photograph by Tropical Birding (Nick Athanas)   © All Rights Reserved.

Pale-breasted Thrush
Pale-breasted Thrush (Turdus leucomelas albiventer)
Rio Claro Canyon Reserve, Antioquia, Colombia  

Pale-eyed Thrush
Pale-eyed Thrush (Turdus leucops)
Pantiacolla Ridge, Madre de Dios, Peru  
Photograph by Graham Montgomery   © All Rights Reserved.

Spectacled Thrush
Spectacled Thrush (Turdus nudigenis)
Botanical Gardens, Caracas, Venezuela  

Pale-vented Thrush
Pale-vented Thrush (Turdus obsoletus parambanus)
Buenaventura, El Oro province, Ecuador
  A very plain-looking thrush.
Photograph by Tropical Birding (Nick Athanas)   © All Rights Reserved.

Black-hooded Thrush
Black-hooded Thrush (Turdus olivater)
Photograph by Terry S. Baltimore   © All Rights Reserved.

Varzea Thrush
Varzea Thrush (Turdus sanchezorum)
Puerto Nariño, Amazonas, Colombia  
Photograph by Otto Valerio Linares   © All Rights Reserved.

Split from [Hauxwell's Thrush]. Found in {varzea} forest.

Glossy-black Thrush
Glossy-black Thrush (Turdus serranus fuscobrunneus)
Cali, Colombia
  May appear very similar to [Great Thrush]. The Glossy-black Thrush is smaller, and look for the back and belly being exactly the same shade of glossy black.

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